Arrival & departure of MV Nancowry

Port Blair, Aug 27: MV Nancowry is expected to arrive here from Chennai at 1800 hrs on Aug 28, 2015. She has on board 397 passengers and 545.64 MTs of cargo. On arrival, the ship will be berthed at Haddo Wharf. MV Nancowry will sail for Kolkata at 1000 hrs on Sept. 1, 2015 from Haddo Wharf. Excess baggage loading, medical examination and embarkation of passengers will be done from 0700 hrs to … Read Full Article


Objections during Scrutiny of Nominations creates ruckus at Diglipur

DJ Venkatesh Diglipur, Aug 27: At Shibpur Panchayat during the scrutiny of the nomination papers of Mr. Gautam Biswas, a BJP candidate for Pradhan post, other party candidates found that the authorization signature in ‘B’ Form was not there. Following this INC and CPI(M) workers submitted written objections to the Returning officer. The BJP party workers after the objections tried to deposit a … Read Full Article


CMSH awaiting empanelment under ANISHI scheme

Sarthak Kanjilal Port Blair, May 13: In its bid to extend health services to the needy, the Chakraborty Multi-Specialty Hospital (CMSH) has applied for empanelment of the institution under the ANISHI scheme. According to reports, the CMSH management has … Read Full Article

Viper Prison Break

N. Francis Xavier Part LVI (FINAL), (Continued from last week) “Stop! Stop the hanging! By order of the Governor General!” Terrible shouts were heard from the direction of the jetty. Cadell turned his head towards the boat landing. Jeremiah Nelson … Read Full Article